Badness in Boston presents Trouble In Dublin

Thursday April 19, 8pm, Fornino Park slope, 256 5th Ave (Bet Carroll/Garfield) Brooklyn NY 11215.

Join Kevin Holohan and Honor Molloy for an evening of Irish Black Comedy. Holohan reads from The Brothers’ Lot, a satirical and hilarious novel that explores religious hypocrisy in an Irish secondary school. Molloy reads from Smarty Girl – Dublin Savage, a wild child’s struggle to hold her family together in 1960s Dublin.

Billy Barrett will be your host for the evening. Master of the neo-beat street confessional, Highway Star, Mister B riffs on being brassy, being Boston Irish and being pissah.

The Brothers’ Lot: “A witty, brilliant, devastating expression of outrage. . . this novel is so subtly imagined, so elegantly structured, written in such hilarious prose but with such horrifying details, that what it offers is an overpowering, visionary judgement of a society.” — Times Literary Supplement

Smarty Girl – Dublin Savage: “The richness of the telling and the lessons of it can be weighed in every line. Many Irish books will be released this year, but few will be this candid or this complete. ”  – Irish Voice

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