This is the shameless self-promotion platform for Kevin Holohan’s debut novvle The Brother’s Lot from Akashic Books in Spring of Twenty-Ought-Eleven (2011). ┬áthe book tells the story of a school run by an order of religious Brothers in desperate need of a miracle for their founder that suddenly finds itself threatened by unseen and strange forces.

The Brothers’ Lot is also available in English English with all the colo(u)r and hono(u)r etc from No Exit Press in the UK

2 Responses to About

  1. George Wylesol says:

    I started reading yesterday and can’t put the book down. It rarely happens but I’ve caught myself laughing out loud at the students’ antics, the credible mania the religious Brothers, and the overall sarcasm of the Irish. Kevin Holohan truly is the voice of a generation of men who had the misfortune of spending their coming-of-age years at the hands of an order of religious miscreants.

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